ARCADIA has developed its own official exchange that will be used in our gaming universe. . Across all of our P2E games (On launch we will only launch with one game "Pac World"). On our exchange, you can exchange your $ARC tokens for $COINS (and vice versa). $COINS our in-game token will be pegged to the US dollar, making a healthy environment & predictable rewards for our players!


  • Once, you start making use of the exchange (Swapping $ARC to $COINS or $COINS to $ARC) you will be set at a tax of 30%.
  • We have a smart timer that will start from the moment you make your first use of the Exchange after that every single day it will drop by 3%
  • If you sell while having a certain amount of % on the tax you will be charged this amount and the remaining amount you will be paid out in $ARC. (Note: It will reset your TAX back to 30% after making use of the exchange again. The tax will go directly to the Rewards pool.
We have decided to make this system to prevent selling pressure from the rewards and make the project more sustainable.
Here you can find guides on how to acquire $ARC and How to exchange $ARC for COINS. How to buy $ARC How to Exchange $ARC to COINS