♻️Reward pool, Liquidity Pool, Taxes

Taxes play an important role in the sustainability of the project. On one side they ensure that RP, LP stay filled, on the other it provides the project with cashflow for its operations.

SELL tax: applied on Liquidity Pool $ARC/$BUSD when someone sells $ARC. BUY tax: applied on Liquidity Pool $ARC/$BUSD when someone buys $ARC. Marketplace tax: paid by the seller when sale on marketplace is successful.

Destination of funds:

RP: reward pool

LP: liquidity pool

MKTG: financing of marketing initiatives which include crypto influencers, advertising, paid posts, strategic partnerships, AMA, KYC, audits.

Development: anything related to development of new games, smart contracts, exchanges, staking. We have currently 2 developers and plan to hire more.

Deployers: funding of every other operation related to the functioning of the project like salary of mods, community managers, graphic designers, video editors, legal advisors etc.

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