āœØLeveling system

Each PAC will have its level which determines its rarity, earning potential and market value.

In the beginning there will be only Common PACs which will start from Level 0. By playing, more and more XP will be earned which can be used to Level your PAC.

Levelling a PAC requires not only experience, but also a small amount of $ARC and $COIN (these will go into the Rewards pool).

Levelling has also a cooldown time that players have to wait before being able to level again. The higher the Level, the higher the cooldown.

Players will have the possibility to skip the cooldown period by paying a small amount of $ARC. This amount is variable depending on price of $ARC in a given time.

The formula is as follows:

Ex1: Iā€™m at level 6 and I want to level up at level 7. Price of ARC is 5$. I will need 2 x 6/5= 2.4 $ARC

Ex2: Iā€™m at level 29, I want to level up at Level 30. Price of ARC is 9.5$. I will need 2*29/10= 5.8 $ARC

All the $ARC spent to skip cooldown will refill the Rewards pool.

XP Purchase

In case someone wants to accelerate their levelling UP process, they can buy XP.

There are some limits though.

They can get only 1000xp every 48h.

The XP will go into their total XP amount and they can spend it on whatever PAC they want.

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