💰Rewards and difficulty level

ARCADIA wants to be a P2E game that is both rewarding and fun to play, which favors skills over just investing huge capital.

Rewards are calculated starting from the Base Daily Payout which is then multiplied by a positive or negative coefficient depending on the difficulty of the level played and whether the player won or lost.

NB: Both XP and rewards are affected

The best way to explain how it works is to provide some examples and run the calculations. First we illustrate how is the team composed.

EX 1) One PAC, lowest payout, lowest rarity.

Now we will simulate the 8 energies played each with different outcomes. Remember that each win gives 10XP and each loss gives 3XP.

The rewards are slightly below the Base Payout because we lost 38% of the games, because we didn’t get many high difficulty levels and we lost the Easy one which greatly penalized us. ROI in this situation is of about 23 days assuming the same performance. In reality, the varies depending on wins/losses.

EX2) Multiple PACs lowest rarity

In this case, we have a team of 4 Commons. That puts us in the next Payout bracket of 5.15%. The rest of the calculation for each energy is the same so I’ll only solve the first ones.

The daily payout we would expect would be 4x times the previous payout, but since earnings are 5.15% instead of 5% and there is one extra energy, the earnings are higher. ROI in this situation is of about 23 days assuming the same performance. In reality, the varies depending on win/losses.

EX3) Multiple PAC, mix rarities

This is the case where a full team is complete, therefore payout is 6% of each PAC’s cost, and energies are 12. The whole payout is made by the payout of each PAC. In this case, each energy will earn, as a base, 68$. Let’s see how that changes depending on wins or losses.

Daily payout would be 745$ given these performances on these difficulties. The number can be a little bit higher or a little bit lower. Considering that the cost of all these PACs is around 13600$ (this price depends on whether you grinded to upgrade them, or you bought on the marketplace), the ROI is of 18 days assuming a constant performance. Once again, the performance is variable, but on average, the ROI shouldn’t change much from these numbers.

Remember that ROIs can be drastically reduced by staking $ARC and having a multiplier coefficient added to your rewards and experience.

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