๐Ÿค‘Play 2 Earn (P2E)

The P2E version allows players to buy their first PAC, play, win XP, level up their PAC, and progressively increase their rewards. There are several elements at play when it comes to P2E and weโ€™ll break them down one by one.

Rarity: will determine the amount of rewards that each player will get, the characteristics of the PAC and obviously its value on the market. There are 5 rarities that can be reached by EVOLVING the PAC or by purchasing it on the marketplace from other players.

- Common

- Uncommon

- Epic

- Legendary

- Mythic

ยท Energies: each wallet can have a maximum of 15 PACs. The more PAC you have, the more energy you will have to use. Energies can be used for 24h at the end of which they must be replenished. The more PACs you have, the less the cost of energy.

ยท Difficulty levels: at the beginning of each game, a difficulty level will be randomly picked. Each difficulty will require a minimum amount of points to win and will give more or fewer rewards and XP. The higher the difficulties, the higher the rewards.

Each victory will give 10 XP while each loss will give 3 XP.

ยท Rewards: each rarity will grant a specific amount of base rewards multiplied by the coefficient depending on the skill of the player and the difficulty of the map. Furthermore, the more PACs are in a wallet, the better the rewards. There is a big incentive to reinvest in the game rather than cashing out immediately.

ยท Leveling up system: the hard-earned XP can be used to upgrade your PACs. Reach a certain amount and spend it to upgrade your PAC. Each level requires a specific amount in $ARC and $COIN to level up your PAC. Those who want can speed up the process and pay few extra tokens to skip the cool-down.

ยท Staking and XP purchase: in order to increase even more your rewards, you can stake a certain amount of $ARC to increase your rewards. Furthermore, a limited amount of XP can be bought using $COIN.

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